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Treatment of Depression at Expat Psychologist

How can I recognize a Depression?

When you are depressed, you feel gloomy and dejected during a longer period of time. Not all depressions are the same, there are different types, such as a burnout or winter depression. They can also vary from mild to severe. Because the symptoms do not occur suddenly but very gradually it is not easy to recognize a depression by yourself.

Some symptoms of depression

  • you cannot enjoy the things you used to enjoy
  • you are tired and lethargic
  • you sleep poorly or you sleep a lot
  • you have a loss of appetite or eat a lot
  • you feel worthless
  • you prefer to lie in bed
  • you struggle with inertia or just with persistent physical turmoil
  • you suffer from mood swings
  • you have difficulty concentrating
  • you are indecisive
  • you have recurrent thoughts of death or suicidal thoughts

Depression treatment with Expat Psychologist

A depression can often be treated well. In depression treatment you learn to deal with life in a constructive way. Because I strongly work from intuition, I am able to determine quickly which factors contributed to the onset of your symptoms, with clear instructions for improvement

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