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Eating disorders

Expat Psychologist treats Eating disorders  

How to recognize an eating problem?

With an eating disorder, food has become an obsession. Thinking of food, weight, calories and weight loss, control your life and brings about many tensions that affect your mood. If you have an eating disorder you often feel insecure, lonely, gloomy and inferior. You are dissatisfied with your appearance and have no fixed structure in your eating habits as well as no sense of normal amounts of food. There is a lot of shame for having an eating disorder, so the problem is often hidden from the environment.

Possible features of an eating disorder

  • you are afraid of being fat
  • you are always trying to lose weight
  • you change the weight loss with periods of binge eating
  • you try to control your weight by moving a lot, by vomiting and the use of laxatives
  • You have a strong urge to control

Expat Psychologist treats the following eating problems

When you have an eating disorder, it is important to learn to see the underlying problems. Because an eating disorder is actually an outward manifestation of what is going on inside, the treatment also focuses on lifting your self-confidence, self-esteem, reduce feelings of emptiness, guilt, shame. As I strongly work from intuition, I am able to determine quickly what factors have contributed to the onset of your symptoms with clear instructions for improvement. I use the treatments that suit your situation.

More information about the treatment of eating problems can be found under treatment.