Expat Psychologist

Expat Therapy

Expat Therapy – Den Bosch – Utrecht – Amstelveen

You can make an appointment for various reasons.

Some common complaints are:

  • you are easily irritated
  • you believe there is nothing you can succeed in
  • you wonder why you have to cry so often
  • you overeat and then you feel guilty and sad
  • you feel tired, depressed or anxious
  • you are restless and rushed
  • you worry a lot
  • your relationship is not so good
  • you are afraid to enter into a relationship
  • you have experienced something drastic, that replays over and over in your head
  • you dare not to go to the store, you dare not to go out
  • you are afraid to make mistakes at work or school
  • you are still upside of the death of your father
  • you are afraid to be alone
  • you have no interest in sex or you are just obsessed with sex
  • you’ll find life meaningless
  • you suffer from physical symptoms but the doctor can not find anything
  • you dare not to stand up for yourself