Expat Psychologist- Bernadette van Wouw Master of Science (Clinical Psychology)

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Expat treatment
To be an expatriate in The Netherlands, or anywhere else, means accepting a new culture and a different set of values. That sounds easy, but in reality this can be quite an exhausting experience. Being an expat is actually a life adventure, but not always an easy one. It is a demanding lifestyle and therefore it is very important to get advice or counseling when needed.

I am Bernadette van Wouw MSc (Psych), psychologist-owner at Psychologist Den Bosch and international psychologist at the Expatriate Psychologist with branches in Zeist and Vught. I hold a Master Degree (‘with great honor’) in Clinical Psychology from Utrecht University, The Netherlands and I am a Registered Psychologist. With many years of experience in counseling and coaching expatriates, I have a high level of expertise on guiding people who are challenged by the demands of mobility, diversity, major lifestyle changes and cross-cultural issues.

My approach
Besides my qualifications as a Registered Psychologist I am also paranormally gifted. In my work psychological knowledge, clinical experience and being paranormally gifted do strengthen each other. That is why you not have to undergo an exhaustive intake procedure. It is also not necessary to prepare yourself for a session. Likewise, I can start right away, in the first session, with your treatment. I will give you clear insights into the causes of your problems, your situation and personality and straight instructions how to solve problems in a different manner, a way that suits you and is feasible. My commitment is to empower you. So you can learn to understand and act on the challenges and changes you experience as an expatriate.

Low cost range
Depending on the kind of problem, I can help you to put your life on track in one or just a few sessions. This makes the total cost much lower than at other circuits of treatment providers. Also is the time you invest significantly less.

Deutschsprachige Psychologin
Indem Sie am liebsten in deutscher Sprache kommunizieren, begruesse ich Sie herzlich in meiner Praxis. Ich gebe auch Behandlungen
auf Deutsch.