Expat Psychologist


Experiences with Expat Psychologist

Sandy, 34 years, Amsterdam
My experience with Bernadette has been life changing for me. Not only did I learn to reflect on myself and to honestly look at myself “in the mirror”, but above all she learned me to rediscover and reconnect with my true self, my joy, my creativity, my confidence and my truth. I’ve discovered that I do not need much to be happy.

I would truly recommend anyone who wants to solve personal ‘issues’ in their life and would like to be re-connected with who they really are, to contact Bernadette. She is a very professional warm sincere woman and I feel very grateful for her help and guidance!

Monica, 29 years, The Hague
I first met Bernadette at the beginning of 2008. At the time I stayed in The Hague with my spouse Mario. Mario had a demanding job and therefore could not spend much with me. Although I started a daytime study and also joined an international women’s club I hopelessly missed my family in Brazil and had a lot of psychological complaints. Most of the time I felt sad, lonely and frustrated. Because of her special gift Bernadette was immediately able to see what issues were bothering me and could give explanations that went back to my childhood. During these sessions I found out why I had such difficulties to find my way in another culture and that feeling homesick also had a lot to do with my past. Bernadette taught me a lot. For example I learned to let go of things and overcome my fears. I learned to listen to my heart instead of my head. Now for the first time in my life, I can tell from the heart, that I do feel happy. Moreover staying in another country has become an exciting experience to me. A nice one.

Janet, 31 years, Rotterdam
I have written a poem about my experience with Bernadette:
‘In a rush my life was thrown into relief
Things I knew about myself, things I didn’t know about myself, or things that did not seem to be so important …
In one session my life was put in a clear light
I got all the answers served on a tray
But now I had to start myself.
Gradually I felt more handheld and rest.
The seed for my own theatrical production Office was sown.
A very special and positive experience, that I plunged into openly and uninhibited. ‘

John, 61 years, Eindhoven
I initially came to Bernadette because of relationship problems. Married for 32 years I had fallen in love with another woman. I was confused, did not know how to handle my emotions. Bernadette asked me straight away: ‘If I still wanted to work on my marriage?’ I was surprised that she knew about my situation and told her honestly that I did not want to lose my family. Then Bernadette gave me insights into the underlying problems (between my spouse and me) and I learned about my behavior within the relationship. Later on, when I enthusiastically told my wife about the treatment, she also made an appointment with Bernadette. Since then we both have benefitted enormously from Bernadette’s help. We learned how to communicate more effectively – I have learned to “speak my truth” without hurting the other in the process – we learned to express our feelings and needs. Miraculously, I got back that buddies-feeling, a feeling that was lost for years.