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Paranormally gifted

Expat Psychologist and paranormally gifted

Except my work as psychologist I am also paranormally gifted. A paranormally gifted person is someone who gets information about something or someone other than via the ‘normal’ sensory perception. Next to the conventional psychological treatments, I use my Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairaudience (hearing), Clairsentience (feeling) and Clairolfaction in sessions with clients. I have extensive experience to use these additional sources in guiding people.

An example to illustrate the paranormal aspect:

Ben (23 years), tells me during a consultation that he has no friends. He thinks he’s pathetic. However, I see and feel that he is in regular contact with a chubby young man of his own age, with whom he seems to get along well. Because I strongly feel the chemistry between them and I see that Ben puts himself in the role of a victim, I ask Ben if he knows a young man like that and what friendship means to him. After a few minutes Ben reluctantly gives in. He tells me that ‘he knows this guy well because he often plays sports with him. They have nice conversations together.’ And then, with a surprised look in his eyes, he asks me: “How did you know this?” I then show Ben that he puts himself in the role of victim, which was functional during his early childhood history of emotional abuse, but now as a grown man, no longer suits him.

Belief in the psychic /paranormal is of no importance for treatment!