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Relationship problems

Relationship therapy with Expat Psychologist

Couples therapy

Couples therapy is used for various relationship problems. For example, partners who have violent quarrels, are slowly ‘growing apart ‘, or where jealousy or infidelity are commom, may benefit from individual couples therapy.

Cause of relationship problems

The deeper cause of relationship problems is usually in the past and has to do with differences in background. The influence of the family of origin on the thinking, feeling and acting of partners is huge. Old pain, unfulfilled desires, unspoken expectations and child needs result in disappointment, anger and sadness. The battle begins, when we hold the other responsible for our emotions. We end up in entanglements and arguing, negative reactions that undermine the love instead of nourish. Your relationship can become so disturbed that professional help is appropriate.

If you dare to look to your old pain and behaviour like something of yourself, you can use the relationship for personal growth. If you decide to walk away and step out of the relationship, you deprive yourself from the opportunity to make a deeper commitment with the other and yourself. Sooner or later, in a next relationship, you will be confronted again with all the restrictive patterns which are triggered by another partner.

Starting on time is essential

Tensions, frustrations and hassles occur in every relationship. They are normal and do not necessarily indicate an unhealthy relationship. However, when partners are not able to solve their problems together, couples therapy may be a solution. In general, the longer you wait to tackle a troubled relationship, the more complex to solve the issues. So starting on time is essential.

Couple therapy at Expat Psychologist

Couples therapy at Expat Psychologist is result-oriented. To break the downward spiral, effective solutions are proposed and a satisfying relationship for both partners may result.

More information about treatment of relationship problems with practice Expat Psychologist can be found under treatment.

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