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Attachment and parenting

Parenting and attachment problems at Expat Psychologist

Attachment problems

From an early age, each child has the ability to attach to a parent or caregiver. By laughing, crying, grabbing, looking, sucking the child is searching for contact. If a parent is able to identify and adequately respond to the needs and desires of a child, a secure and stable bond will develop. A child thus can attach safely.

Reality is often different. For various reasons a parent cannot offer his/her child what it needs. For example, a parent may struggle with his/her own problems and is therefore not able to recognize the needs of his/her child, but also the effects of a marital separation can affect the attachment with a child, as well as an unexpected hospitalization, parentification, but also abuse and neglect. Many circumstances can result in an insecure attachment style. However, insecure attachment behaviour does not end after childhood. It continues to play a role in later life. For example, as an adult you may have difficulty building and maintaining healthy relationships because you worry that intimacy leads to rejection. Insecure attachment is associated with psychological problems, such as anxiety, depression, burnout, eating disorders and personality disorders.

Treatment of parenting and attachment problems at Expat Psychologist

Fortunately, an insecure attachment style is changeable. With the right treatment, you can reduce or even get rid of the negative impact of the insecure attachment on your life. The first step is to become aware of your behaviour. As I work from strong intuition. I am able to give you insight in the factors that have contributed to the development of your insecure attachment behaviour. This information is necessary for processing and acceptance. I also give you clear instructions to improvements (in relationships, work, etc) and treat you with the psychological methods that suit your situation. I am also able to identify any problems in the current relationship to your child(ren) and within your family. I offer you practical handles to provide an adequate and sensitive contact with your child(ren).

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