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Treatment of problems with Giftedness at Expat Psychologist 

How do I recognize (problems with) Giftedness?

Being gifted is usually associated with high scores on an intelligence test (> 130). Besides high intellectual ability, also motivation, perseverance, creativity and social factors play a major role in the manifestation of giftedness. As illustrated by the model below.



Some characteristics of giftedness

  • Your thinking makes great leaps and you are able to properly analyze problems
  • You like to work independently
  • Your ideas are creative, original and you love to investigate
  • You have trouble with authority and a strong sense of justice
  • You’re the type starry-eyed idealist
  • You are very alert, faithful, loyal
  • If you are working on a project, you forget everything around you
  • You set high standards, especially to yourself
  • You often think you are wrong because others think differently
  • You often feel lonely and you worry a lot
  • You’re easily bored, irritated, annoyed and impatient
  • Sometimes you dare everything, other times nothing (mood swings)
  • You have low self-esteem (do not fully show yourself to the world outside)
  • You often get the feeling to perform under your level
  • You are chaotic and have problems starting, continue and finish things
  • You have a strong urge to stimuli and you are prone to addictions
  • You are intuitive and sensitive

Problems with Giftedness

Not all gifted automatically find their way through life. Many have problems related to giftedness, such as underachievement, depression, loneliness, anxiety, learning problems, mood swings, irritability, feelings of inferiority, work related problems or other issues. Many gifted individuals who find out later in life that they have an IQ> 130 experience a kind of mourning process, ‘what would have happened if I had known otherwise?’

Treatment of problems with Giftedness at Expat Psychologist

Although many gifted manage well in life, they sometimes need extra help. I am gifted and highly sensitive myself. As I work from strong intuition, I show you, the factors that have contributed to your problems with clear instructions to improvement. My experience as a gifted is a great advantage, especially considering that gifted individuals in therapy indicate that they actually lead the conversation. They outtalk the therapist, keep control and never come to experience their feelings, pain and sorrow. The understanding remains off and everything stays the same.

More information about the guidance of problems related to giftedness at Expat Psychologist can be found under treatment.

Scientific news:

Gifted students are more imaginative and emotional
A study conducted at the University of Florida shows that gifted students tend to have more active imaginations than average students, and gifted girls are almost twice as likely as gifted boys to prefer imagination to practicality. Furthermore, the study indicates that gifted male students more often use their sense in solving problems than non-gifted male students. However, children with all different temperament styles can excel in school, especially if their parents understand how they solve problems and interact with others.

University of Florida. Gifted students are more imaginative and emotional. Retrieved from Sciencedaily .