Stress and Burnout

Stress and Burnout treatment at Expatriate Psychologist

How do I recognize Stress and Burnout?
Stress can be useful, it often ensures that you perform better and that you take action in dangerous situations. However, sometimes it is not possible to convert stress into action. In such cases the tension remains suspended for long periods. This unhealthy stress takes lots of energy and could possibly lead to burnout, overstrain and even depression. The difference between stress and burnout is that if the cause is removed, in case of stress you quickly come back into balance, while burnout symptoms persist. If you are burned out, you have to deal with various complaints.

Possible symptoms of Stress

  • you have gastrointestinal symptoms, headache, back pain
  • you sleep poorly
  • you can hardly concentrate
  • you feel hunted

Possible symptoms of Burnout

  • you are emotionally and/or physically exhausted
  • you are overtired, listless
  • you have physical symptoms such as headaches, back pain, muscle pain
  • you feel gloomy, helpless and you worry a lot
  • you are easily irritated
  • you are insecure and indecisive
  • you are anxious and you have crying spells
  • you have little or no appetite

Burnout treatment
If you have a burnout, I treat you with the purpose that you recover both physically and psychologically. Because I work from strong intuition, I give you clear instructions for solutions and improvements. You learn to see, among others, the factors that have contributed to your complaints and you learn to deal effectively with stress, such as saying ‘no’ without feelings of guilt. So you learn to balance load and load a new balance.

More information about treatment of stress/burnout and other problems at practice Expatriate Psychologist can be found under treatment.